Hear Your Horse

Respectful, advanced animal communication and energy healing
for horses, pets, and farm animals, in person or remotely.

Animals, especially horses, have been a great source of companionship, personal confirmation, and healing for me since I was very young. Their honest simplicity of reciprocation provides a mirror that invites self-reflection, encourages creative expression, and gives non-judgmental solace in times of need. Animals easily and naturally tune into our energy, and we can learn to tune into theirs.

Animal Communication

What is your horse or other pet needing you to know or wanting to express? Let him surprise you. It can be great fun.

Animal communication can give you a lot of important information. For example, you can get clarity if a potential new horse is the right match for you, or if the work you are asking of your present animal is aligned with his personality. Similarly, you can get insights what is the right occupation for your steed. By the equivalent of “medical intuitive” work, you can discover information about chronic health issues that so far may have eluded you and your veterinarian, including subtle spinal misalignments, food sensitivities, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, various subclinical conditions, parasites, and even old injuries. You may find information how to improve your handling of the animal in order to gain more relaxation or improved responsiveness.

Animal Energy Balancing

Are you looking for a breakthrough with your horse and getting impatient and frustrated? Energy healing can help.

There have been excellent results employing energy work with ongoing behavioral issues that are not responding to proper training or handling, or are responding slowly. Energy healing can be especially useful if you have taken on a rescue horse, a previously abused horse, or one that has had several past owners, and need help in clearing ingrained patterns of fear or aggressiveness. Energy healing can assist with restoring confidence and bringing the horse back into its body as an active participant in its own life.

What my clients are saying

I rode him the day after you worked with him. He was relaxed and eager, not stiff at all, able to hold his head and neck comfortably, collect nicely, and also stride out with ease. It was a huge change! Thanks!

I am speechless. Two weeks of having Karen work with my horse and he is SO relaxed and has stopped cribbing…. New animal totally.

I rode Mack lightly today and he was much better than he was last week!! What you did made him happier to move and do. He wanted to move and do for me. So thank you again my great friend!!

About You

As your animal comes to a new place of balance and harmony, you may find that similar energy work will also assist you. We are often not centered and present with our animals.

For example, we often live in a false future of hopes, dreams, wishes, and expectations, looking at our animals as “prospects,” training to win in future shows or competitions, and never joining our equine partners in the place where they live, totally in the moment. We may have not released our old fears, our desires for prestige and power, our deep lack of self-confidence, our old anger patterns, and so on, and these all play into our relationship with our animal friends, especially our horses, who are so honest, clear, and sensitive by nature. These old patterns of ours prevent the full bonding with our horses, and deprive both human and animal of one of the most powerful inter-species relationships possible on the earth.

Are you willing to grow with your horse and invite the personal changes that will deepen the relationship, and give it more meaning, trust, honesty, and respect for the both of you?

Visit Work of an Angel and find out how.

Please note

Animal communication and energy healing will not change the personality of your horse or pet. A horse that is assertive will always be so, one that is sensitive will remain sensitive, one that is by nature fearful will stay that way, one that is courageous will continue to exhibit courage. The energy work will allow the real personality to shine through in its pure form…